COVER Claims Convention 2019

Welcome to the COVER Claims Convention! Formerly the COVER Customer Care Conference, we've given our conference an exciting makeover for 2019 to embrace a wider context and reflect the evolving insurance landscape.


Customer care remains, of course, at the heart of the claims process, providing vital support for people at a time of need. But we wanted to also recognise the rapid growth of valuable added services available to customers before and after, rather than just during, a claim. ‘Preventative' help such as physiotherapy and nurse support, as well as post-claim services such as counselling for bereaved families. Add to this the technological advances empowering underwriters to create more innovative and inclusive policies together with a commitment to solid advice designed to boost successful claims and you've got the potential to really change lives.


Despite payout levels of around 96%, the industry continues to grapple with poor public perception. Trust and transparency are critical to changing this, and the cultural shift towards greater empathy and understanding in our dealings with claimants, along with speedier resolution of claims is contributing to a shift in consciousness.


COVER Claims Convention brings together some of the industry's leading experts and providers to consider all aspects of the claims equation, highlight best practice, and - ultimately - act as a catalyst for change.